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Ali Nuhu: Why I stopped kissing in movies

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Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu

Popular Hausa born Nollywood actor Ali Nuhu has opened up on why he stopped kissing women in movies.

Ali Nuhu who also acts English movies in a recent interview with BBC said his religion and culture stopped him from kissing and hugging in movies.

Speaking during the interview, Ali Nuhu said he stopped kissing and hugging in Nigerian movies because of his Islamic religion and culture.

“I come from the North, and I’m a Muslim. My culture and religion does not allow for that, so I stopped acting in scenes like that,” he said

“People talk about it all over but I personally think it out as an ambassador of my culture and religion and stopped”, he added.

Ali is a versatile artist who built successful acting and music careers. He is also a producer, director, scriptwriter, and dancer. He is a rare mix of innovativeness, creativity, and bravery.

Ali Nuhu was born on 15 March 1974 in Maiduguri town, Borno, Nigeria.

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