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Akuapem Poloo explains why she released nude photo with son (WATCH)

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On Tuesday, June 30, Akuapem Poloo took fans by surprise when she released a nude photo of herself and her son to mark his 7th birthday.

She was called out by many social media users and celebrities including Beverly Afaglo who described the photo as cringeworthy.

Akuapm Poloo later deleted the photo and re-uploaded two new decent photos to celebrate her son’s birthday.

After receiving a severe backlash, Poloo took to her Instagram page to explain her action, saying she is an ‘artist’ and the nude photo she released was an ‘artistic impression’.

“You all know that I am an artist and anything I post on my page is a message. As an artist, whatever I post is an artistic impression. I always try to send a message out there as a mother,” she said in a 3-minute video she posted on her Instagram yesterday evening.

According to her, she wasn’t portraying a pornographic material on her page, instead, she was sending a message to children and adults, that when they see their mother’s naked on the street they shouldn’t ignore them.

“So, what I posted today was an artistic impression. I am not trying to portray porn on my page. I can’t do porn with my son. I even bath always with my son.”

“My point is, I was trying to send a message to kids and adults who don’t regard their mothers. Some people ignore their parents when they have mental issues and go naked on the streets. They ignore them because they are naked. When you see your mothers naked on the street, don’t run away from them – get close to them and clothe them” she added.

Watch the full video below.