September 24, 2023

AireHealth’s respiratory health assets to be auctioned off in September

The assets of respiratory health company AireHealth will be auctioned off on September 13, including the patents, software, hardware and intellectual property for the company’s remote patient respiratory care platform.

Florida-based Fisher Auction Company will conduct the online auction through its bidding platform.

AireHealth, founded in 2018, developed an FDA-cleared nebulizer with Bluetooth functionality designed to administer medication.

A nebulizer is used to convert liquid medication into a fine mist that can be inhaled directly into the lungs and can be used to deliver medicines for respiratory conditions, including asthma and other lung-related illnesses.

The AireHealth nebulizer is Bluetooth-enabled and integrated with a digital platform using APIs, offering physicians immediate access to live patient information. The connectivity makes the device suitable for remote patient monitoring of individuals with chronic respiratory conditions.

The company’s AI and machine learning software could also be used to generate predictive data on patients’ clinical conditions.

In addition to the physical nebulizers, which are ready for commercialization, the auction includes the companion phone app software, sufficient component inventory and tooling to build 3,500 nebulizers, the FDA 510(k) clearance for U.S. commercialization, and the design history file.

Moreover, the winner of the auction will receive the API software to transfer data to customers’ data hub, seven granted patents and three patents currently in review, and the prototype for an “Achelous Lung Function Analyzer.”

Rounding out the auction package are digital assets such as website, social media sites, corporate and brand logos, video and other marketing content, as well as clinical data, lung sound database, and quality management system documents.


In 2020, AireHealth announced its acquisition of fellow respiratory health company BreathResearch, which provided AireHealth with BreathResearch’s IP, research and patents, including work on machine learning analytics for respiratory condition tracking. 

Another company focusing on respiratory ailments is Aevice Health, developer of the AeviceMD Monitoring System, a patient management platform that collects and analyzes lung sounds to detect signs of respiratory exacerbation. Aevice recently received FDA 510(k) clearance for its smart wearable stethoscope.

The company is currently working with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to pilot its remote respiratory monitoring system and has also developed a lung-sound analysis algorithm.

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