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Actress Thandeka Nodada Speaks On Her New Role On Scandal

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It looks like mzansi actress Thandeka Nodada always relishes the opportunity to play roles linked to rural wives or being a poor woman. This explains why she was excited when she got the role to play Nonzi on Scandal

In an interview with News 365 the actress said: “Because of the way I look, I am always typecast to be a rural wife or a poor wife wearing doeks and aprons. Hey, but Nonzi is different man,”

“She used to be a slay queen and a plus-size model but now she is older and she is not getting the gigs and the money she is used to.”

Thandeka also revealed that Nonzi is completely opposite to what she really is in real life.

“Oh! she is so bold, sexxy, and flirtatious. She is also an opportunist and willing to do anything to survive. Even the way she dresses is different from me; she shows a lot of skin. I love her confidence,” she says.

Thandeka who is now 38 urges people to stop putting pressure on themselves to achieve things at certain ages, because that is not how life works.

“I think it is horrible what we do to ourselves. I remember waking up crying the day I turned 30 because I felt that I had not achieved what I should have achieved at that age. It was only at about 32 that I said to myself no man this is no way to live, I cannot be controlled by external forces. Now I am living my best life, living for me and I love it. We really need to stop putting this kind on pressure on ourselves, it is unnecessary.”


She is also enjoying playing a chubby woman who is in love with her body and owning it.

“I have never been a thin girl, but I have not always been confident in my own skin. Representation matters and I love playing someone that girls and young women can look at and start loving their own bodies. Beauty is not just one thing that can be contained in just one box, it is not just thin and light-skinned and this character is all about representation for me. Another thing I love about this character is that they did not typecast me because of the shape of my body. Young people need to see people that look like them, dark, with bums being in high powered positions or showing confidence.”

She also mentioned that she is not just an actor but also does work behind the scenes as well.

“Our industry can be unpredictable for actors so when you do not see me on your screens, know that I am doing something behind the scenes. I love acting because you get to step into the shoes of another and walk their journey, and when done authentically and truthfully, it can be beautiful to watch. I am a casting director and I also produce. Currently, I have a show on Netflix called Uncovered, produced through my company called The Final Chapter.”

Source: www.Ghgossip.com