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Actress Mary Njoku expresses disappointment at the choices women of this generation make

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The founder of ROK Studio and TV network made this known while reacting to a viral post where a man sent a lady back to Nigeria after refusing to get intimate with him during a getaway trip.

“I read something online and it’s disturbing. Women are not sex toys! We have sex because we enjoy it too. And shouldn’t be forced by ‘house rent’ to do things we don’t want to. Hustle Sisters! Men don’t have the monopoly of making money!” she wrote.

“You carry babe go one week trip. She no gree do. You post her pictures online because you buy ticket 😡. Sisters of this generation dey disappoint with their choices sha!”

In the viral post, the young man slammed the young lady for refusing to get in bed with him after paying for her trip outside the country.

The post caused an uproar on social media with diverse opinions about the man’s decision to send the young lady home.