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5 fun facts you need to know about ‘A Soldier’s Story II’

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The star-studded sequel to the multiple award-winning 2018 film of the same title, continues the story of post war violence in the fictional Watz Republic. The story also systematically explores political themes and interestingly the role foreign interventions play in African crisis.

If ‘A Soldier’s Story II’ is on your watchlist this weekend, here are five fun facts you definitely need to check out:

1. The movie stars Eric Roberts, Julia Roberts’ older brother

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‘A Soldier’s Story’ boasts of a fine list of Nollywood and Hollywood stars including Oscar nominee, Eric Roberts. Roberts who is interestingly the older brother to actress, Julia Roberts takes on a supporting role in the movie alongside Hollywood actor and actress, John J. Vogel and Berit Glaser.

While ‘A Soldier’s Story’ isn’t Roberts first Nollywood feature, the actor had to visit Nigeria for the first time to shoot his scenes.

2. Watz Republic was shot in Nigeria

In case you are wondering where the fictional Watz republic was shot, here is your answer. The scenes depicting the infamous African country were all shot in Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Landmark locations like the Lekki toll gate and the third mainland bridge were shut down for hours to shoot the film.

When you finally catch ‘A Soldier’s Story II’ in cinemas, you’ll find it hard to miss some Lagos landmark locations featured in the film. Interestingly, the Lekki toll gate and the third mainland bridge had to be shut down for hours while filming was ongoing.

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4. All the actors performed their stunts

‘A Soldier’s Story II’ had no need for stunt doubles as the actors were perfectly fine and fit enough to pull up some major moves in the film. The most memorable, as you will find out, is Sambasa Nzeribe flying over a moving car.

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5. The movie had over 100 people on the location set

It literally took a village to make ‘A Soldier’s Story II’. According to its makers, the film’s location had over a hundred people most of which were cast and crew.

‘A Soldier’s Story II’ is currently showing in cinemas across the country.