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2023 Elections: Asa reacts to stories of voters attacked in Lagos, say tribalism is disgusting

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Throughout the election correct on February 25, there have been allegations of thugs disrupting the method by destroying voting papers and even seizing folks’s telephones to stop them from recording.

Recall that the election course of has been suffering from tribal and bigoted remarks on-line. Additionally, it was claimed in quite a few on-line postings that some voters had been bodily assaulted at numerous polling locations.

A video of a person brazenly telling folks to go away if they do not plan to vote for the All Progressives Congress (APC) was additionally put on-line, and it went viral.

In response to the quite a few unhappy tales permeating the media, the singer stated she voted yesterday, and it was peaceable. But Asa identified that she is devastated by the assaults in Lagos. Tribalism is horrible, she added.

“I arrived my polling station at 6h30 yesterday, voted at 13h45 peacefully. Saddened that individuals had been attacked round Lagos! Tribalism is disgusting,” she wrote.

The quite a few stories of assaults on voters have gotten folks questioning the credibility of INEC’s consequence, which is scheduled for announcement at 11 a.m. at the moment.