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2 Khayelitsha lesbians thoroughly bashed as punishment for having s3x without involving men

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A lesbian couple say they fear for their lives after they were assaulted by men in a homophobic attack, supposedly as a punishment for having a s3xual relationship as women only.

Ellen Mponzo, 31, and her 25-year-old girlfriend Monalisa Feke from Khayelitsha say they have not rested since the incident happened last weekend.

They believe the attacker is still looking for them.

Monalisa says on Saturday she was at a shebeen drinking and looked for Ellen.

“I asked the owner if she was there and then noticed there was a guy who had previously sworn at me.”

She says the man confronted her about the previous incident which he apparently couldn’t remember.

“But I brushed it off, I went to the back of the shebeen and found Ellen sleeping and then I decided to take the beers and as I was about to leave, the guy came to me.”

She says he told her: “Jou ma se p***.”

“When he came to the back he clearly had a mission, he punched me, I tried to defend myself until I couldn’t.

“I thought he wanted to kill me, and another man joined and while they were assaulting me, they said that I think I’m a man and that I can overpower them, and that I must know my place.”

Ellen says the man attacked her when she came to find out what was happening.

“I was left with a swollen lip and went to lay a charge at the police,” Ellen says.

“The worst thing is that [the suspect] was released the next day after he was arrested.”

Police spokesman FC van Wyk says a common assault case was registered at Harare SAPS.

“A 32-year old man was arrested and appeared in the Khayelitsha Magistrates’ Court. The case has been remanded to 1 July for further investigation.”