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11 Mzansi celebs who tested positive for coronavirus (PHOTOS)

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The entertainment industry is currently at the center of our lives as we all have to stay at home to limit the risk of contracting Covid-19. More and more people are watching television which means entertainers from every corner are working hard to give us content.

However, celebrities going back to work means they’re putting themselves at risk and unfortunately for some, the result hasn’t been pleasant. Familiar faces that we see on our screens every day have fallen victim to the virus.

Here are 11 celebrities who have tested positive for Covid-19 so far and some who have since recovered.


Mlamli Mangcala

The actor is the most recent celebrity to test positive for Covid-19. Known for his role as Captain Sthembiso Radebe on The Queen, the actor took to Instagram to share a video of himself in a critical condition.

“I just finished my breathing technique and I just changed my sleeping pattern. I was sleeping on my tummy for the past two hours. It’s a bit tiring but the fight goes on. I’m still on oxygen, a double dose of oxygen. Goodnight guys, I have to sleep now,” he said.

Rosie Motene

The actress and activist tested positive for Covid-19 after her partner tested positive three days before her. “Later, I will share the crazy and emotional rollercoaster that we have been on but today I give thanks to breath and life,” she captioned a picture on her Instagram. The author has assured everyone they are doing well, feeling healthier and still taking the necessary medication they need.

TT Mbha

Digital entrepreneur and reality TV star, TT Mbha also revealed his status through a video on Instagram. He’s been working throughout this pandemic and is not sure when and from who he got the virus. “I’ve just tested positive for the coronavirus and can only hope that those who haven’t been taking it seriously will do so immediately,” he captioned the video.

Zola Hashatsi

The media personality has revealed he tested positive for Covid-19. He took to social media positing a picture and addressing his family, friends and colleagues. He urged people to get tested, should they not feel 100%.

Kabelo and Gail Mabalane

In a lengthy video posted on Instagram by the couple, they explained how Kabelo first contracted the coronavirus and the different safety precautions they considered pursuing after receiving the test results.

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The rapper revealed that he had tested positive for Covid-19 via a statement he posted on his social media pages. He urged fans to take regulations seriously.

Abdul Khoza

Isibaya actor Abdul Khoza also tested positive for Covid-19. Taking to Instagram to share the news, the actor said he was self-isolating. “I tested positive for Covid-19, but I’m already quarantining at home and taking all my medication. So far, I feel fine and have only experienced mild symptoms,” he wrote.

Enhle Mbali

The Isibaya actress recently tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently in quarantine.

“I also tested positive for covid [sic] as careful as I am. They even make fun of me on set. Yesterday was one of the worst days, I was pretty sure my chest would give in, I gave myself permission to heal and also to ask for help,” she wrote.

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The last 3 years have been testing. Emotionally, physically and mentally. I have been through so many life changes and I’m greatfull as the universe continues to show me my greatness , even when it was being viciously striped away from me, and none existent finish lines were being drawn on the ground and removed just before I reach them, the spirit of hopelessness would knock at my door reminding me of my unhappiness. I had to have some real conversations with myself aon how ,why, I was forgetting me. I found the answers and when I did life began, 2020 was that year for me . People will loose it but this is my best year. Was listening to Jader and understood for the first time how we allow people to treat us the way they do, I have always known I am not a victim and don’t act the part,but now more than ever I understand no one else gives permission but yourself. People lie in your names sake. They will cheat, mistreat you , allow others to mistreat you only because you give them permission. I also tested positive for covid as careful as I am . They even make fun of me on set. Yesterday was the worst days, I was pretty sure my chest would give in , I gave myself permission to heal and also to ask for help . In that I got so much revelation to my third and final cleansing in my 30s allow me to introduce you to Enhle Mbali the girl I left and forget in her 20s , boo where have you been. Feels great😂 let’s get it. #EMPRESSENHLE🧲🧨🦠💉🧪🥇🥊🥋🍫🍬🍭🌶🌈🌍🌸🧚🏽. Sincerely yours Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa

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